#BBB30 Spring Challenge

#BBB30 Spring Challenge

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Starting Wednesday, March 1st the transformation begins. Let’s lose up to 15 pounds in 30 days with D. Ford while taking our mental and physical health into our own hands. There will be support provided to encourage a mental and physical balance, healthy nutritional routines, and an increase in physical movement.
This challenge will teach safe cleanse practices, provide motivation, target belly fat, and midsection weight as well as provide accountability!

There are four membership levels:

Level 1: Accountability Group Access for 30 days

Level 2: 30-Day Nutrition Coaching (includes a 30 Meal Plan)

Level 3: 1-30 minute Virtual fitness coaching session per week (total of 4 sessions) Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm. Saturday 8-10am

Level 4: Fitness & Nutrition Coaching for 30 days (includes a 30-day meal plan and 1-30 minute Fitness Coaching session per week for 30 days. A total of 4 sessions.)