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My name is Danesha! I am the Owner of Sweat Boutique. I'd have to say fitness is my therapy and running is my drug of choice. I must say there's nothing like the sounds of your feet hitting the pavement step after step. It's exhilarating. It's damn near euphoric. Lol. I refuse to be bogged down by weight, depression, sickness (if I can help it). I've taken charge of my life and decided to make health and wellness my #1 priority.

It's not easy being in control of your health. I love food, but I think it loves me even more. It loves me so much it often hugs me so tight around my midsection and has a hard time letting go!! Yes it does!!

What can I say? We all love to indulge in a good cheeseburger with all of the trimmings or an Ice-cream Sundae with the works. As much as i'd love to eat these things and keep on ticking. That's not my life.

For my health and sanity, I've got to keep on pushing. I've got to hit the pavement. I have to pound the treadmill. Those weights are always calling my name. I can honestly say, when you look good, you feel even better. Fitness is all about FEELING Fabulous.

Sweat Boutique was created with this same idea in mind. It's an absolute MUST you take care of yourself and even more imperative that you look good while doing it. Yes, girl! You must look absolutely STUNNING while achieving your most complicated yoga stretch or while gliding ever so lovely on the elliptical. I had all of us in mind with I started this boutique.

So I challenge you today, throaway those old bleach stained t-shirts, those old sweat pants. Take your workout seriously, by looking the part. It's only right. After all fitness, is an image that shows both inside and out. Let your sassy and sexiness radiate through your moves...your reps! You are going to KILL your workout and have heads turning in the process. The time is now, honeeeyyy!

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  • Very impressive Danesha. I love the colors!!!

    Cheryl Blum

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