Self Care. Self Love.

Women are raised to be nurturers. We are trained to care for our families and friends. We plan parties for our kids. Make our spouses feel wanted, needed and special. We cook, clean, “please”, shop, and so on. In the end, what have we done for ourselves? Others around us are kicking back. They feel special. They are appreciative of the things we’ve done to make their lives better. The one question still remains. What have we done for ourselves?

Now is the time to sit back and ask ourselves...Am I stopping to smell the roses? Am I pouring into myself like I’m pouring into others? For everything 5 gestures I’ve done for my family and friends, have I AT LEAST done one thing for myself? Most of us can simply answer the question as a big fat NO!

Self care has to make the top of our list. Right along with getting gas and groceries. That’s how important it is!!!! We have to make ourselves a priority no matter what. You deserve it. You REQUIRE it. 

Now hanging out with friends and grabbing mimosas on a Sunday morning is great and all, but it’s not all you need. Sometimes we need quiet time. Time for deep thought and meditation. A nice quiet spa day or yoga. Maybe even sitting in the corner cuddled up with a good book. I recommend incorporating self development books for continuous brain fuel.

Use your time wisely, but get your time in! Love yourself out loud. Care for yourself with no regrets or apologies. You are important, girl! You deserve the world even if you have to give it to yourself!!!

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